The Mission

To build a bridge between cutting-edge research and clinical practice, a bridge between medical / biomedical professionals in the US and those in China, and a bridge between brilliant ideas and viable businesses.

This is a platform for some of the most brilliant physicians and biomedical scientists in their respective fields to come together, share knowledge and ideas, make friends, establish collaborations, better each other, and increase our collective contribution to the society.


  • Hematology and Oncology
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Immunology and Inflammation
  • Neurology and Neurobiology
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Psychiatric Diseases
  • Endocrine and  Metabolic Diseases
  • Career Forum & Development Forum

Sponsored by:

  • American Chinese Medical Association (ACMA)
  • Asian Health Foundation (AHF)
  • Boston Biology and Biotechnology Association (BBB)
  • Chinese-American Bio Medical Association (CABA)
  • Harvard Medical School Chinese Scholars and Scientists Association (HMS-CSSA)
  • Harvard School of Public Health Chinese Students and Scholars Association (HSPH-CSSA)
  • Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association (HCSSA)
  • Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association, New England (SAPA-NE)
  • Bayhelix

Committee & Faculty

Forum Committees
Medicine and Development Committee
Dr. Victor Cheng, (Chair)
Dr, Yi Le, (Co-Chair)
Dr. Jimmy Jianming Hao, (Co-Chair)
Dr. Alan Yide Jiang, (Co-Chair)
Dr. Jean Qiu, (Co-Chair)
Dr. Yajun Xu, (Co-Chair)

Medicine and Practice Committee
Dr. Rong Guan, (Chair, Medicine and Practice), Assistant Clinical Professor, Medical Director, South Cove Medical Center
Dr.John Fan (Co-Chair), MD, A healthcare Partner, Kanas

Medicine and Career Committee
Dr. John Kao (Chair), Associate Professor, Associate Director of GI Fellowship, University of Michigan
Dr. Stephen Tsang (Co-Chair), Associate Professor, Ophthalmology, Columbia University, President, ACMA
Dr. Juliana Ip, Associate Dean, Brown Medical School
Dr. Dicken Ko, Assistant Professor, Surgery, MGH
Dr. Qiaoxin Yang, Hospitalist, North Shore Medical Center
Dr. Ping Zhou, Partner, Radiation Oncology
Dr. Jialin Su, Fellow, Cardiology, Brown University
Dr. Hong Gao, PGY-3, Internal Medicine, Northshore Hospital
Dr. Yifan Lu, Research Fellow, Mass General Hospital

Academic Committees
Dr. Qing Ni (Chair), Neurology Service, Atlanta Georgia
Dr. Qin Lan, (Co-Chair), Associate Professor, UMass
Dr. Wuwei Feng, Assistant Professor, Stroke Service, Medical University of Southern Carolina
Dr. Sui Wang, Research Fellow, BWH
Dr. Yilai Shu, Research Fellow, Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary (MEEI), Mass General Hospital (MGH)

Dr. Yangping Kong (Chair), Endocrinology Service, NH
Dr. Le Min, Endocrinology (Co-Chiar), Instructor, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Dr. Dan Tang, Fellow, Endocrinology, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Dr. Shuanhu Zhou, Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopedic, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Dongfeng Chen, (Chair), Associate Professor, MEEI, Harvard Medical School
Dr. Stephen Tsang, (Co-Chair), Associate Professor, Columbia University
Dr. Ming Liu, Research Fellow, Harvard Dental School

Cardiovascular Diseases
Dr. Sean Li (Chair), Assistant Professor, Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School
Dr. Tong Zhu (Co-Chair), Assistant Professor, BU Medical Center
Dr. Dali Fan (co-Chair), Associate Professor, Cardiology, UC Davis
Dr. Cynthia Taub, Associate Professor, Elbert Einstein College of Medicine
Dr. Guoping Shi, Associate Professor, BWH, Harvard Medical School
Dr. Jialin Su, Fellow, Cardiology, Brown University
Dr. Jing Wang, Instructor, BWH

Cancer Biology
Shirley Liu, (Chair), Professor, DFCI, HSPH
Xi Wang (Co-Chair), Professor and Chair, Tianjing University
Wenyu Song, Research Fellow, DFCI
Shubai Liu, Research Fellow, BWH
Immunity and Inflammation
Dr. Vijay, Yajnik (Chair), GI Unit, Assistant Professor, MGH
Dr. Hongbo Luo (Co-Chair), Associate Professor, Children's Hospital
Dr. Hongbo Chi, Associate Professor, St June Children's Hospital
Dr. Hongwei Gao, Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Dr. Xiaoyu Hu, Assisant Professor, Cornell University
Dr. Jerry Zhu, Assistant Professor, GI Division, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Infectious Diseases
Dr. Eddie Chung, (Chair, Infectious Diseases I), Professor of Clinical Medicine, UC Davis
Dr. Jinghua Yang, (Chair, Infectious Diseases II), Associate Professor, BU Medical Center
Dr. Qiming Sun, Research Fellow, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Hematology and Oncology
Dr. Kai Fu, (Chair), Professor, Hematology Oncology, UNMC
Dr. Fei Gu (Co-Chair), Attending, Hematology Oncology, UMass
Dr. Dongpo Cai, DFCI

Dr. Xiaoduo Fan (Chair), Associate Professor, UMass
Dr. Wendy Qiu (Co-Chair), Associate Professor, Boston University
Dr. Liang Yuan, Assistant Professor, Tufts University

Academic Award Selection Committee
Professor Yang Shi, Harvard Medical Shool
Professor Wei Gu
Professor, Pengbo Zhou
Professor, Hongtao Yu
Dr. Steve, Tsang
Dr. Chaoshe Guo

Millennium Project Committee
Dr. Dicken, Ko (Director)
Dr. Yineng Fu
Dr. Ping Zhou
Dr. Rong Guan
Dr. Kate Zhang
Dr. Wenyi Wei
Dr. Steve Tsang
Prof. Pengbo Zhou
Professor Ruibao Ren

Conference Administration
Executive Committee
Dr. Fei Gu, (General Manager)
Dr. Bei Zhang, (Program Coordinator)
Dr. Jialin Su, (Chief Communication officer)
Ms. Jennifer Zhang, (Web master)
Dr. Dongdong Yao, (Venue director)
Dr. Pingping Kuan, (Exhibition director)
Dr. Jian Ni, (Ceremony Anchor)
Ms. Fan Zhao, (Ceremony Director)
Mr. Zhenhua Lai (Ceremony Co-Director)
Dr. Xi Wang, (Academic Coordinator)
Dr. Dongfen Chen, (Director, Academic Program)
Dr. Bill Lian, (Director, CME program)
Dr. Qing Ni, (Coordinator, CME program)
Dr. Rong Guan, (Millennium Project)
Dr. Yanghua Tang, (Chief financial officer)
Dr. Jerry Zhu, (Coordinator)

Steering Committee
Prof. Ruibo Ren, (Shanghai Institute of Hematology/Brandeis University)
Dr. Dangsheng Li, (Cell Research)
Prof. Penbo Zhou, (Cornell University)
Prof. Hongto Yu, (UTSW, Howard Hughes Institute)
Dr. Stephen Tsang, (Columbia University)
Dr. Jerry Zhu, (Brigham and Women's Hospital)
Dr. Eddie Cheung, (UC Davis)

Organizing Committee
Dr. Chaoshe Guo, (President HMS-CSSA, program coordinator)
Ms. Xiaoxiao Jiang, (trainee coordinator)
Dr. Mu Chen, (President, HSPH-CSSA, program coordinator)
Dr. Shasha Meng, (Program coordinator)
Dr. Qianyi Wang, (Program Coordinator)
Dr. Wenyu Song, (trainee coordinator)
Dr. Yuxing Cheng (Survey developer)
Dr. Lijun Liu (Survey developer)


Registration of BMS is already open online. The registration fee covers admission to all three tracks of meeting programs including oral and poster sessions on multiple disease areas focusing on both research and clinical medicine, and including a specific track on the business of medicine and career development. Registration fee also covers admission to the workshop on "Medicine and Practice" geared towards practicing clinicians who are interested in learning various options in medical practice. Special education program (Clinical Review and Update 2012) is CME course designed for physicians. Meeting reception in the evening of Nov 10th includes dinner and entertainment.

Please see the following tables for a fee breakdown:

BMS 2012 Registration (available on-line)
Non-trainee registration: $100.00
Trainee (student, postdoc, resident, fellow) registration: $20.00
Members of co-sponsoring organizations: $20.00
Special Education Program--Clinical Review and Update 2012 $300.00
Reception: $60.00
Registration waiver program is offered for both volunteers and poster presenters.


Asian Health Foundation
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Fox Rothschild LLP
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Janssen Biotech Inc.
Novo Nordisk, Inc.
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. (OAPI)
South Cove Community Health Center
Teva Pharmaceuticals
Vertex Pharmaceuticals