Dear ACMA members and friends,

Welcome to Boston, and the Bridge Medical Summit 2013 of the ACMA.

There are two new features this year. First, a “theme” approach instead of the traditional “specialty” approach is used to organize the meeting sessions. Closely related topics of common interest to a broad audience makeup are bundled together. Other theme selection criteria include: clinically oriented, significant societal impact, and China relevant. Second, an interactive, “crossfire” format replaces the traditional lecture format. Through debate and peer exchange, the audience will have the opportunity to make comparison between China and US in medical education, translational medicine, clinical approaches to manage and prevent common human diseases, and health care models.

The major themes this year are:

  • Medical education: medical student and residency training, medical residency application workshop
  • Cancer: cell signaling pathways, prevention, and screening
  • Genetics and proteomics: from bench to bedside, and to society
  • Health care models: a comparison between US and China
  • Metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease
  • Development forum: how to write a business plan, entrepreneurship

Each theme listed above features thought-provoking, stellar and engaging presenters from around the U.S. and the World. For more detailed program information, please check our website ( We hope you are as excited as we are about the Bridge Medical Summit in 2013. Thank you for your continued support of the ACMA mission for medical education, research, and community service.


Xiaoduo Fan, MD, MPH, Chair

Lan Qin, MD, PhD, Co-Chair

Shuanhu Zhou, MD, Ph.D, Co-Chair

On behalf of the Bridge Medical Summit 2013 organizing committee, ACMA