Steve Tsang Report

This report is from an older date, but education is always new, is always up to date.

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling: the Challenge of Chinese American Physician Scientists

October 9, 2005

- Share experiences and aspirations

- The Challenge:

1. Advancement and professional acknowledgment

a. Chinese students and faculty not given leadership and principal investigator opportunities
b. Chinese-Americans risk being labeled as a “sell-out” to our culture when we attempt to integrate or participate in the larger communities
c. Not given due credit or acknowledgment for work or ideas by PIs, colleagues or other scientists

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Strategies For Effective Mentoring

Mentoring and Being Mentored: Strategies For Effective Mentoring

King-Wai Yau, Ph.D.

Department of Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

October 2005

It is a great pleasure to be invited to give a talk at this meeting.  It is especially an honor for me because, unlike many of you here, I was actually a dropout from medical school.  I began as a medical student at the University of Hong Kong after high school, but soon decided to further my education in the US.  Upon graduation from college in this country, I briefly considered an MD-PhD program, but in the end decided to go for a straight Ph.D.  I have not looked back since.

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ACMA 2017 Medical Education and Career Development Forum