To Serve Our Community Better

ACMA 2007.9.1 Forum

On 9/1/2007, ACMA Physician Forum was held in Glen Ellen Country Club and was focused on Community service. About fifty physicians from Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and New Hampshire, participated the forum.

Dr.Danru Lee, Attending physician of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, offered welcome remark and introduced each participants.

Dr.Xuejun Kong, Attending physician of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, served as moderator of the forum “to serve our community better”. The discussion first focus on the special feature and important health issues of our Chinese community, especially the new immigrants with extraordinary work and family stress, language barrier, ignorance of personal health and lack of knowledge of American medical system, etc. One after another middle age early death in our community put us on high alert again and again, which on the other hand, urge our Chinese physicians with their unique role and duty, with establishment of solid physician network, with deeper understanding of our special health problems, together to serve our community better. With our tireless effort, organize series of health educational lectures, free care clinical service and health screening, to promote general health in our Asian population.

Dr.Jerry Zhu, ACMA founder, Assistant Professor of Harvard Medical School, Attending Gastroenterologist of Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, has long been an active advocator and organizer in community education and service, and Sino-American Medical exchange program. He specifically addressed the importance of care, love and devotion as physician, urged everyone to “be a caring doctor to care our community” which met with general approval.

Dr.Ruibao Ren, Associate professor of Brandeis University, pointed out the unique reaction to medication in Asian population, which worth special attention, especially close collaboration between clinicians and basic researchers.

Dr.Qi An Pan, Hepatologist and professor of Maint Sinai University, illustrated the major threat of Hepatitis B in Asian population, and the importance of screening, early diagnosis and treatment, he proposed the establishment of solid physician network cross the nation and the world, organize large scale research on Asian population in physiology, pathology and disease process.

Dr. Weihong Zheng, Attending Allergist of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, addressed important allergy issues in Asian community;

Dr.Xuejun Kong introduced the rapid growth of Autism in Asian population, and its relation to environmental pollution, heavy metal toxicity and food allergy, etc, as well as environmental factors in cancer in Asian population.

Dr.Zhao Liu, Endocrinologist and Nutritional specialist of Beverly Hospital, described the unique aspect of Obesity in Asian.

Dr. Raymond Zhou from University of Mass, Dr.Lijun Song from New Hampshire, Dr. Hua Zhang from Norwood Hospital, Dr.Jing Yu of Beverly Hospital, Radiation Oncologist Dr.Ping Zhou of New Hampshire, Dr.Dongfen Chen of Rhode Island, Dr.Jinghua Yang of Boston University and others, shared their clinical experience in Cardiovascular and cancer, offered their insightful input on the important health issues of Asian community.